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How To Renew Your Car Using Car Wax?

How To Renew Your Car Using Car Wax?

There are people who passionately wash their cars regularly to keep the paint glossy and shiny. But, unfortunately, I don’t fall into this category. Not that I don’t clean my car, my dilemma is, despite cleaning and sponging it repeatedly, there are scratches that give it an old and worn outlook. On the other hand, there’s my friend’s car, same brand, same model same color and as old as mine but shinier and glossier. One fine day over a cup of hot steaming coffee, I asked her the secret behind her well-polished car, expecting her to name some high-end car washing company, but what surprised me was the answer- Car Wax.

Quite surprised by her answer, which I initially thought to be a bluff, I decided to rely on my one trusted friend, Internet. After hours of research, what I learned was that all this while, considering washing to be the prime factor behind keeping off the dirt, I overlooked getting my car waxed and keep the paint in great condition. What further convinced me to get wax for the black car were the benefits of this procedure including:

  • Guard Against Scratches

I learned that the prime benefit of getting my black car waxed was that it would safeguard the car from scratches. Being a blend of carnauba wax together with natural oils, beeswax, and petroleum distillates, the wax can be applied as wax- hardener and for further enhancing the shine. It works by offering a thin layer of shield to the lean and new paint coat that is applied to the top of the body. An interesting fact was that when we wash our vehicle, constant brushing would deposit dirt particles in the body thus leaving scratches. When the car is waxed, these dirt particles automatically slide off the body leaving it spic and span. 

  • Safeguard against weather

Quite surprisingly, it’s not just rain, snow or heat that damages the exterior of a car, but aspects like ultraviolet radiations, road salt and bird droppings that also affect the shine of a car. Another reason that I learned causes damage to the paint of the car is oxidation that separates the chemicals present in the paint till the time it comes off from the car. This is the main reason for the paint to fade away. Application of wax on my black car in regular intervals would safeguard the car’s body from natural elements making the paint stay on it for a longer time frame.  

  • Helps you save money

Another aspect that I learned during my online research on wax for the black car is getting a regular paint job done to enhance the shine of my car would eventually make me shell out a huge amount of hard-earned money. In order to renew my car, something I should be religiously following is getting the car waxed at regular intervals as part of the car maintenance. How will it benefit me? It turns out that if I get my car regularly waxed, it would better the lifespan of my car’s paint and significantly trimming down the expenses I would have to spend on getting it revamped. 

  • Retains the shine

Problem Solved! Just what I wanted to know is that getting regular wax for the black car could make it sparkle. The automotive waxes available in the market these days are way easier and uncomplicated to apply as compared to the ones present few years back.  There are companies specializing in offering car wax in the form of a spray that offers a sparkly polish. This definitely works towards giving that lustrous appeal to the car making it look right out of the showroom. 

After going through all these benefits car waxing could bring to my precious automotive, it left me with a question in mind regarding the application. How many times is the good number to get a car waxed? Well, it turns out that thrice a year is a good enough number to safeguard a car’s finish. There are numerous pros from the industry who have confirmed that one car wax session in spring right before summer sets in and one in winter is the best time for car wax since it would guard your car against dangerous UV rays in summer and cold winds on winter.  

So to sum it up, if you like me are looking for ways to extend the lifespan you’re your black cars paint and shine, being proactive regarding car wax is the best approach. However, one aspect worth considering is, apart from the exterior, it’s also highly significant to wax your car’s interiors including the dashboard and leather seating. These are often the most ignored facets of a car but equally important since no one would want to see scratches on in the interior of the car.