How many watts of heater do you need for 50-55 gallon aquarium?

How many watts of heater do you need for 50-55 gallon aquarium?

Fish do not produce their body heat, they have to rely on the temperature of your aquarium water to maintain their body heat. This mean that you it is absolutely esential to have a heater to keep you fish stay healthy.

I have been keeping a 50 gallon aquarium for many years and I know that it is not a simple task to maintain the ideal temperature for an aquarium 50-55 gallon. How do you know what size heater to get? This post will help you to get the best heater for 50-55 gallon aquarium.

#1 What heater wattage is best for 50-55 gallon aquarium?

The number of watts your aquarium should have is dependent on the fish you are keeping and the size of your fish tank. The type of heater you get also affect the wattage of heater. However, there is a rule of thumb to follow is that a heater with an output of 3 to 5 watts of power for every gallon of water you have.

For a 50 to 55 gallon aquarium, a 100 watts to 200 watts heaters are good to use. But if your room is warmer than normal, it is better to go with the heater hat closer to 150 watts. In the warmer condition or during the summer, 200 watts heater even can use for a 175 gallon aquarium.

However, the efficiency goes down in a colder fish tanks. If you place your aquarium in the with the temperature under 60 F degrees, the 150 watts heater only be useable in 40 gallon aquarium.

#2 where should you put your aquarium heater?

Even you get the best heater to 50-55 gallon tank but you do not know where to place it strategically, you won; get the best function of it. The best location is near the water flow. You can place it next to the filter outlet (or inlet) or in a stream of a powerhead.

This location will ensure the heat produced is properly and evenly distributed across your fish tank by the water current.

Besides, do not place the decoration near by the heater to ensure the water circulate freely. Leave the gap between the heater and the substrate to avoid the ricks that your fish get stuck against the heater and get burned.

How To Renew Your Car Using Car Wax?

How To Renew Your Car Using Car Wax?

There are people who passionately wash their cars regularly to keep the paint glossy and shiny. But, unfortunately, I don’t fall into this category. Not that I don’t clean my car, my dilemma is, despite cleaning and sponging it repeatedly, there are scratches that give it an old and worn outlook. On the other hand, there’s my friend’s car, same brand, same model same color and as old as mine but shinier and glossier. One fine day over a cup of hot steaming coffee, I asked her the secret behind her well-polished car, expecting her to name some high-end car washing company, but what surprised me was the answer- Car Wax.

Quite surprised by her answer, which I initially thought to be a bluff, I decided to rely on my one trusted friend, Internet. After hours of research, what I learned was that all this while, considering washing to be the prime factor behind keeping off the dirt, I overlooked getting my car waxed and keep the paint in great condition. What further convinced me to get wax for the black car were the benefits of this procedure including:

  • Guard Against Scratches

I learned that the prime benefit of getting my black car waxed was that it would safeguard the car from scratches. Being a blend of carnauba wax together with natural oils, beeswax, and petroleum distillates, the wax can be applied as wax- hardener and for further enhancing the shine. It works by offering a thin layer of shield to the lean and new paint coat that is applied to the top of the body. An interesting fact was that when we wash our vehicle, constant brushing would deposit dirt particles in the body thus leaving scratches. When the car is waxed, these dirt particles automatically slide off the body leaving it spic and span. 

  • Safeguard against weather

Quite surprisingly, it’s not just rain, snow or heat that damages the exterior of a car, but aspects like ultraviolet radiations, road salt and bird droppings that also affect the shine of a car. Another reason that I learned causes damage to the paint of the car is oxidation that separates the chemicals present in the paint till the time it comes off from the car. This is the main reason for the paint to fade away. Application of wax on my black car in regular intervals would safeguard the car’s body from natural elements making the paint stay on it for a longer time frame.  

  • Helps you save money

Another aspect that I learned during my online research on wax for the black car is getting a regular paint job done to enhance the shine of my car would eventually make me shell out a huge amount of hard-earned money. In order to renew my car, something I should be religiously following is getting the car waxed at regular intervals as part of the car maintenance. How will it benefit me? It turns out that if I get my car regularly waxed, it would better the lifespan of my car’s paint and significantly trimming down the expenses I would have to spend on getting it revamped. 

  • Retains the shine

Problem Solved! Just what I wanted to know is that getting regular wax for the black car could make it sparkle. The automotive waxes available in the market these days are way easier and uncomplicated to apply as compared to the ones present few years back.  There are companies specializing in offering car wax in the form of a spray that offers a sparkly polish. This definitely works towards giving that lustrous appeal to the car making it look right out of the showroom. 

After going through all these benefits car waxing could bring to my precious automotive, it left me with a question in mind regarding the application. How many times is the good number to get a car waxed? Well, it turns out that thrice a year is a good enough number to safeguard a car’s finish. There are numerous pros from the industry who have confirmed that one car wax session in spring right before summer sets in and one in winter is the best time for car wax since it would guard your car against dangerous UV rays in summer and cold winds on winter.  

So to sum it up, if you like me are looking for ways to extend the lifespan you’re your black cars paint and shine, being proactive regarding car wax is the best approach. However, one aspect worth considering is, apart from the exterior, it’s also highly significant to wax your car’s interiors including the dashboard and leather seating. These are often the most ignored facets of a car but equally important since no one would want to see scratches on in the interior of the car.


All You Should Know About Fruit For Bearded Dragons

All You Should Know About Fruit For Bearded Dragons

If you want your bearded dragons to eat a varied diet, besides live insects, veggies and some supplements, you should provide them fruits. Fruit contain necessary vitamins and minerals can keep your dragons healthy.

So what is the best fruit for bearded dragons? How much fruit you should feed the? Here is some basic information about fruits for bearded dragons that every owner should know.

Before feeding your bearded dragons

It is important to know that all fruits should only account for 10% of bearded dragons diet. It is the mistake that many people provide fruit for their dragons too often. Fruit contains a lot amount of sugars and acid, which harm the digestive system of your pet.

You can also offer frozen fruit for them but it is absolutely less vitamin than fresh fruit.

Ensure that you will cut fruit into small pieces or mash the fruit to avoid the stuck of fruit in your bearded dragon’s throat.

When offering any fruit that has outer skin and seeds such as apples or grapes, removing or these skin and seeds before feeding your bearded dragons.

Note: You should not put the fruit directly on the substrate because it can adversely affect the bearded dragon’s digestive system. Even the best substrate for bearded dragons should never be a place to put food on.

The best fruits for bearded dragon: Papaya will be the best staple fruit for bearded dragons. You can give papaya for them weekly with a small amount. Beside, Mango also the great staple fruit due to the amount of vitamin A, and low oxalate levels contained in it.

Some other safe fruits for bearded dragons are: Apples, Melon, Almost types of berries fruit (strawberries, blueberries, cherries), Pears, Kiwi, Cantaloupe.

Fruits never to offer

Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Tangerines, and any citric fruits: these fruits contain high levels of citric acid that lead to the risk for dragon’s digestive system and even death in baby bearded dragons. It is better to never feeding them any citric fruits.

Fruits contain a lot of water

Remember that bearded dragons do not need lots of water; they even rarely drink all the water you place in their tank. They can get enough water for their body from the food they eat such as salads and veggies.

Due to that, the fruits that you provide them also should not contain a lot of water of your bearded dragons can have the risk of diarrhea. This can lead to dehydration. These fruits such as tomato and cucumber should not be fed too often.

How To Can Jam Without A Canner?

How To Can Jam Without A Canner?

Jams are products processed from fresh fruit cooked with sugar to dryness of 65-70%. Sugar to jam is not only to increase sweetness but also to preserve products. Microbial cells in the primary co-state should be deactivated. So many types of jam cooked may not need pasteurization. Some other types of jam with lower dryness need to be pasteurized for a short time, mainly to kill yeast, mold, mainly to kill yeast, mold, and bacteria do not grow in jam, is an environment with high acidity.

In summer, berries and delicious fruits are favorite foods, you can buy them at shops, in the market, and someone grows them and can collect them in their summer house. After all, these useful delicacies are necessary to maintain good health and good mood. To be able to enjoy them and during the cold season, as well as preserve the beneficial properties of fruits and berries, they can be canned. And then anytime people will be able to open and enjoy their favorite fruits or berries in the form of fragrant jams. Homemade is always better than buying, and more useful!

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How to can jam without a canner?

#1 Preparation stage:

  • Collect berries or ripe fruits, choose the fruits that are not broken that’s the best!
  • Prepare glass jars, they will not be damaged
  • Devices to support sterilization such as sterilizers, microwave ovens
  • You also need a pot to cook berries or fruits yourself.

#2 Stage one: Cooking Jam

First of all, we pick berries or fruits, remove junk and then wash with water to keep them clean. If there are bones, take them out. Next, we spread the fruit in the pots. Then sprinkle sugar into many layers (berries or fruits – sugar). Put pots on the stove and cook jam, don not forget to remove foam which is necessary. You need to boil it until all sugar has dissolved, and you can boil it may be a little longer.

There are many ways to can jam, here I will introduce you how to seal jars without boiling by oven method. First, preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. Place the fruit until the jar is full and then boil sugar with some water to make syrup. Pour cooked syrup on the top of fruits and put the caps on. Finally, place it in the oven and heat for 50 to 60 minutes, take it out and let it cool down.

#3 Stage two: Prepare containers

Prepare sealed container with lid, glass type is best. Then wash thoroughly, let the water drain, dry.

#4 Stage three: How to properly can jam in jars

Before pouring jam into the jar, be sure to check that they are completely dry from the inside. If you pour jam when the jar is still wet, it may also be sour. It will be a pity if all your effort becomes useless.

Jams should contain a lot of sugar because they will help keep the jam from fermenting and will keep the freshness of the fruit. If you want jam to keep it fresh, cook it a little longer.

On the surface of the jam (under the lid) should place a circle of some paper, or parchment, moistened in wine or vodka. It will act as a protective film, avoiding jams exposed to harmful bacteria.

Currently on the market there are many types of airtight containers for jam, but not all of them are of good quality, you can refer to the best airtight containers here.

Will CBD Oil be beneficial to your pet?

Will CBD Oil be beneficial to your pet?

CBD oil is currently a trending topic. Everybody’s discussing it, and a lot more people are talking about how it helps ease pain and other medical benefits. Some pet owners now give CDB oil to their cats and dogs.

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What Is CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil?

CBD is a natural, helpful phytocannabinoid found in marijuana. This plant-based compound is nonpsychoactive and also non-toxic. But then, why is it thought to have positive medical advantages for pets and humans? Without straying away from the current issue, it’s said to work side by side with the Endocannabinoid (EC) framework, a  sophisticated system of receptors that all warm-blooded animals have all through their body. The Endocannabinoid system bolsters each significant organ and helps keeps the body healthy. CBD and sever cannabinoids stimulate the cannabinoid receptors in the Endocannabinoid framework. Some CBD oils products additionally contain a considerable amount of other natural phytocompounds, such as flavonoids and terpenes that coordinate to produce outcomes.

What Can CBD Oil Do?

There’s a considerable number of illnesses that CBD oil can help cure especially end-of-life comfort,  symptoms of cancer, behavioral issues, aggression, gastrointestinal issues, seizures, stress, inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, loss of appetite, nausea, and pain. Although there aren’t many scientific data showing the health benefits of CBD oil, a lot of narrative confirmation does exist, and more are surfacing each day. There is a lot of CDB oil research going on in a very short time, we will get to know more about it.

Will CBD Oil Get Your Pet High?

No. Despite the fact that marijuana and hemp are both classes of cannabis, they are not the same. CBD oil from hemp isn’t psychoactive in light of the fact that it has large amounts of cannabinoids and just a faint trace of THC (what causes you to get high). Hemp extracted CBD oil isn’t directed as a medication and has no known lethal level.

How Do You Give It To Your Pet?

CBD comes in a fluid shape that you can simply squirt into your pet’s mouth. It tastes somewhat like grass and cats don’t really like but can get used to it in time. A few people put it on their pet’s food but I don’t recommend that because if the pet doesn’t enjoy the smell or taste, it could lose appetite. Besides, it makes reliable dosing more troublesome than simply giving it orally. It also makes continuous dosing harder than just putting it in their mouth.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

The producers of CBD oil say that cannabinoids is non-toxic and has no negative side effects whatsoever. Then again, a few veterinarians say there isn’t sufficient logical information to prove that CBD oil has health benefits to animals or can cause them harm.

In the event that your veterinarian feels that your pet may benefit from CDB oil and you have no problems feeding your pet with new stuff, then it is highly recommended you give it a trial. In case you’re thinking about CBD oil for your pet, please counsel your veterinarian.

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Kids to Receive Cannabis Treatment in School According to New Illinois Medical Marijuana Law

Kids to Receive Cannabis Treatment in School According to New Illinois Medical Marijuana Law

As medical cannabis is picking up acknowledgment from lawmakers, patients and the medicinal services world, numerous states across the country are instituting enactment considering pot medications for specific illnesses. A few states even permit the controversial medication to be utilized to treat certain wellbeing conditions that are found in kids.

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While numerous pediatricians, and in addition guardians, bolster the possibility of medical marijuana treatment for kids, some schools battle with the prospect of permitting the medication, right now illicit under government law, on school grounds. According to a High Times report, a school in Illinois was sued over the same problem.

Living with leukemia for the greater part of her life, Surin Ashley gets customary medicines of medical cannabis through a CBD oil transdermal fix. Without marijuana, the 6th grader is subjected to every day seizures from the neurological harm caused by methotrexate, a medication utilized with chemotherapy to treat cancer. Not only did the medical marijuana halt the seizures, three physician endorsed drugs Ashley was taking for a few years were never again required.

While medical cannabis is not illegal in Illinois where 11-year-old Ashley resides, her school prohibited the medication to be utilized while she was there. The Hanover Park school district did not allow Ashley to go to class while wearing the fix, despite the fact that the CBD oil in the treatment was legal according to state law.

Furious about the locale’s choice, Ashley’s parent sued the school authorities for abusing both the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act as well as the Americans With Disabilities Act. After many months of court fights, the school revoked their decision, and Ashley was allowed to return back to class.

However, there was as yet one obstacle to overcome. Despite the fact that medical cannabis is legitimate in the state of Illinois, it is still prohibited in schools.

Luckily, Illinois legislators ended up mindful of Ashley’s battle and worked rapidly to change the law to prevent kids and guardians from having to choose between their education and medical marijuana treatment.

Bill HB4870, otherwise called Ashley’s Law, was passed by the Illinois General Assembly recently. The affirmed enactment commits a school district to permit guardians or parents administer medical cannabis to their wards on school grounds.

“This will open the entryway possibly for kids like Ashley and different children in Illinois to have medicinal cannabis on school grounds that can be given to them in a situation where it regulates a certain type of diseases,” said Ashley’s dad Jim, according to the report from High Times.

The law requires kids and their parents to be enrolled with the state’s Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act. Also, kids should only utilize a non-smokable type of medical marijuana, for example, edibles, transdermal patches and CDB oil.

The endorsed medical marijuana bill will be sent to the Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner final deliberation and endorsement. Should the bill move toward becoming law, it will probably impact the medicinal cannabis laws of several states concerning medications for youngsters.

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This is the Ideal Way to Choosing the Best Cbd Oil

This is the Ideal Way to Choosing the Best Cbd Oil

Since CBD oil is free from all the negative impacts which are usually connected with THC, the other dynamic compound in the weed plant, selling and buying it is legal all over the world. Be that as it may, the more popular it gets, the more difficult it is for us to purchase the true and the best CBD oil. This is the reason, we have written this short guide which will serve the general population who are purchasing CBD oil out of the blue and have no pieces of information on the right way to get the best of it.

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Indeed, as worn out as it must seem, the best things never come shabby. The nature of CBD oil depends intensely on the extraction methods used, the country of origin and the plants the oil was extracted from. Since the plant effortlessly get polluted by its environment, one should make certain that it was grown in protected and sound conditions. So endeavor not to trade off on the cost at all as it represents the quality of the product to a large extent.


There is no conclusive response to the amount of CBD our body would get the chance to assimilate the oil you are utilizing. To be on the more secure side, try to always purchase oils that have the higher CBD concentration. The range more often than not falls around 10% to 26% of the aggregate volume. Since you can’t manage the cost of a conceivable overdose on CBD, endeavor to go for oils of higher quality.


As it has just been talked about, the marijuana plant has a tendency to assimilate poisons and a wide range of chemicals from its environment. This implies there are high possibilities that every one of the solvents and pesticides that you used when growing the plant will wind up entering your bodies as well. Also, who knows the impact they will have on the chemical composition of the oil. For you to always be on the secure side, always go for CBD oils that simply states on its label that they were sourced from non-GMO industrial marijuana.


Don’t we as a whole have the propensity for believing and having trust in those organizations that are more straightforward in their dealings? All things considered, the same rule applies to CDB oils as well. When you are searching for the unadulterated CBD oil, try carrying out a research on the lab reports of the CBD oil you are interested in. The lab report will help give you confirmation that the oil isn’t just free from pesticides and it has not been removed utilizing hydrocarbons that are not friendly to your health. In addition, it ought to likewise give you a clearer thought of CBD oil concentration. In the event that you are unable to access the lab reports with the oil, it is best you stay away from it. Try picking a different brand after you are able to get their lab reports.

These are only a portion of the numerous approaches to grading the CBD oils. While the method you decide to opt for might be determined by your personal preferences, weight and health, you should take as much time as you want to evaluate the CDB oil you plan to purchase because your health might depend on it

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Galapagos islands are the paradise on earth

Galapagos islands are the paradise on earth

Honestly, everybody should visit the Galapagos islands ones in a lifetime. The group of islands is situated in the pacific ocean next to the coast of Ecuador mainland. The islands are part of Ecuador and you have to take a flight from Quito or Guayaquil to visit the paradise on earth, the Galapagos islands. The wildlife is spectacular and the water is crystal clear. There is nothing more you could wish for.

We took a flight from Cusco to Guayaquil, where we stayed overnight in the hostel Casa Romero (perfect choice!). For the taxi from the airport of Guayaquil to the hostel we payed 5 USD (USD is the currency of Ecuador). The next day we took the flight to Baltra, the main airport of the Galapagos islands. At the airport in Guayaquil we had a baggage control (compulsory), there you have to pay 20 USD per person and when you arrive in Baltra you have to pay 100 USD per person for the park entrance fee of the Galagagos Islands. It is every cent worth it and one plus is that you receive a beautiful stamp in your passport. And at this moment the adventure in the paradise began. We booked the first night on the main island Santa Cruz in Puerto Ayora. To go there, you can take a free bus from the airport to the port which is a 10 minute bus ride. Then you have to take a watertaxi for 1 USD per person and after is a bus waiting (costs as well 1 USD per person). The whole distance takes about 1.5 hour.

Ones we arrived in Puerto Ayora we decided to visit the famous and beautiful Playa Tortuga Bay (for free). You reach this beach only by walking, which takes about 1 hour oneway. The beach you will cross before, you will see many iguanas hanging on the beach and surfers are trying to catch the waves. A bit further you will arrive to the beach Tortuga Bay, where you can swim with baby sharks. Honestly, first we were afraid but they do not attack you at all.

You should visit the port of Puerto Ayora, there you can observe sea lions and pelicans and if you are lucky you can see little sharks and mantas swimming in the sea.

Sea lion
Sea lion
You can visit the famous Charles Darwin research station in Puerto Ayora (for free).

Take a taxi to visit the hugh turtles on Santa Cruz (30 USD per person). You can observe as many hugh turtles in the nature as you like. They are cute and unique on Galapagos islands. To watch the turtles you have to pay 3 USD more per person.

Me with hugh Galapagos turtle
Me with hugh Galapagos turtle
MUST DO: Day trip to Pinzon to snorkel with turtles, sharks, sea lions and a lot of different kinds of fishes. This was an amazing and breathtaking snorkling trip ! You will be so close to the wild animals. This trip cots 130 USD and includes snacks and the lunch.

Sea lion
Sea lion
Hammerhead shark
Hammerhead shark
White tip shark
White tip shark
White tip shark
White tip shark
If you like to eat a little bit cheaper for lunch (normally USD 5 for a soup and main course), you can eat at the places named “kiosks” or ask in the restaurant what is the lunch menu of the day.

We decided to visit another island named Isabela. In every tour agency you can book a ferry to go to Isabela, which costs you 30 USD per person and takes about two hours. When you are at the port, first you have to take a watertaxi which takes you to the main boat (50 cents per person). Same when you arrive in Isabela, there is a watertaxi waiting (costs 1 USD per person). Ones you arrive in Isabela you have to pay a port rate of 10 USD per person. Just be aware, that you have enough money by cash with you, on Isabela you want find a ATM or a restaurant where yo can pay by card.

One day we rented a bicycle and to explore a small part of the island. There are so many spots which you can visit for free. Ask them at the bicycle rental station, they will show you the way. For 3 hours and two bikes we payed 15 USD.

The next day we visited los tuneles (120 USD per person with lunch and snacks included). A awesome tour where you can snorkle with hugh sea turtles, sharks, sea horse and mantas. We saw also 7 meters mantas. It was so special to see sharks swimming so close to us.

Sea horse
Sea horse
You will also make a short walk to see the blue footed booby bird. As the name of the bird, the blue footed booby has blue feets.

Supermarkets are expensive, even more on Isabela. It is better to buy some food as rice, noodles and cooking oil on the mainland of Ecuador and take it with you to the Galagagos islands. And if you decide going for example to Isabela, take some eggs and yoghurt with you. You wont find them on the island or if yes, it is extremly expensive. Furthermore there are just ATM’s on Santa Cruz. If you like to change the island, be sure that you have enough money with you.

Another option is to book a Cruise (4 / 7 / 11 / 14 days). We recommend to book a flight to Baltra and to book a last minute tour on Santa Cruz. The cruises are much cheaper than booking them in advance. And it is always important to compare some tour operators and to ask them what kind of service is included in the price.

You will note, that everything is very expensive on the Galapagos islands. But this is a place where they protect the environment and the wildlife very well, so you have the chance to explore a beautiful landscape, nature and wildlife. There are living specious of animals you will nowhere else find in the world.

We stayed six nights and seven days on the Galagapos islands, but the next time we would stay longer. It is the paradise on earth, really. The wildlife, the beautiful beaches, the crystal clear water and the nice weather makes this destination a must do for everybody.

Bye bye Galapagos!

Zucchini rolls with minced meat

Zucchini rolls with minced meat

A new day, a new recipe. Last week I was tired about eating all the time more or less the same tipe of food and therefore I tried out the recipe below. I recived the tipp for this delicious recipe of a lovely friend of mine. Many thanks – it was not the last time I have cooked this meal! ? The best of all is, it not even looks very tasty – it is really tasty ?! I am sure, you are going to like it.


  • 2 tomatoes
  • Pelati (peeled tomatoes)
  • 1 red pepper
  • 3 zucchini
  • vegetarian minced meat (you can make the recipe also with «normal» minced meat)
  • basil
  • salt
  • pepper



Oven: 180 degrees

Slice the 2 tomatoes, 1 zucchini and 1 red pepper and put them in a pan.

After add the minced meat and mixe all ingredients together. Cook them for a while. Add pepper and salt as much as you like.

In the meantime slice the other 2 zucchinis as thin as possible.

When everything is cooked, add the pelati (peeled tomatoes). Now fill up the slices zucchinis with the minced meat-tomato-zucchini-red pepper-pelati (peeled tomatoes) mix. Roll them.

minced meat with vegetablesminced meat with vegetables

Put the food in the oven for about 20 minutes.

At least I have put some basil leaves over the meal.

Finish: now it is time to eat! Enjoy this delicious meal and it would be a pleasure for me to receive some reactions from your side☺!