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Foods while running

Foods while running

If you are planning to run a long distance, it is very important to have enough energy. Below I describe two possibilities of foods while running:

  1. Raisins: Raisins contain lots of sugar, which is exactly what you need to keep you going when your energy reserves are low.
  2. Energy Gels: Small packets of energy gels, which you can suck down while on the run. They are a great source of energy.
Foods before running

Foods before running

Before you go to run, it is very important to get enough energy. This is possible with the right selection of foods.

Read below, which foods are recommended:

  1. Bananas are filled with natural sugar, which your body will burn for energy.
  2. Low fat yoghurt is rich in calcium, protein and carbs. The calcium will help to promote healthy fat burning, the protein will provide the fuel for your muscles and the carbs will give you energy you need.
  3.  Bagels are much heavier and richer in carbs than your average slice of bread, so they give you a lot more energy to burn.
  4. Berries are good for a quick energy boost. They are like little balls of healthy sugar and they contain lots of Vitamin C to keep your body working at top speed.