Hop over in Quito

Hop over in Quito

Quito is the capital of Ecuador with around 2,2 million habitants. It is located in the middle of hils with an altitude of 2850 meters above sea level. For us, the perfect stop over after the Galapagos islands and before our flight to Havana.

We arrived after a short flight from the Galapagos islands to the hilly and comparing to the Galapagos freezing Quito. It was raining and so we decided to take a taxi (25 USD) from the airport to the center, were we had our hostel. You have also the possibility to grab different buses from the airport to the center, which takes you more than one hour.

What do we recommend to do in Quito?

  • Midad del Mundo: the middle of the world. Quito is situated next to the equator and Midad del Mundo is fun to visit when you are in Quito. It is about 22 km far from the city center and you can reach the Midad del Mundo easily by bus. You can stand on the line of the equator and belive me, you won’t feel a difderence on one or on the other side 😉.
Midad del Mundo
Midad del Mundo
  • Centro Historico, the old part of Quito where you will find lots of museums, cultural buildings and restaurants. Worth to explore.
  • Buy fruits, we ate one of best pineapple ever!


We stayed in the hostel Travellers Inn, which is perfectly located near a big shopping mall, supermarkets, restaurants, bars and the bus station. It was a nice, small hostel with private athmosphere and a delicious breakfast was included. First time we had eggs for breakfast 😊!

After short three but rainy days we are already leaving Quito and heading on to Havana, Cuba. Byebye South America, hello caribbean life.

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